"Nada mais é do que um caso particular de rigidez cadavérica, de instalação instantânea e ainda em vida, cuja principal característica é uma contractura que faz persistir, após a morte, a posição ou a atitude que a vítima apresentava no momento do óbito."

quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

Ouça a nova música do Days Are Nights / Listen to the new music of Days Are Nights!

Days are Nights is a musical project from São Paulo's capital, in Brazil, created in 2006. Based on existencial topics, DAN comes up with issues related to human coexistence in the society.
The strong poetical appeal of the lyrics refers to brotherhood, fraternity and denounces human anguish, inviting the listener to an inner revolution, always including a cold and nocturnal atmosphere that reflects nowadays' darkness.
The musical proposal is of a minimalist sound influenced by Post Punk and also Cold Wave and European New Wave.
Days are Nights is idealized by Dennis 80's (keyboards, guitars, eletronic programming) and has never had a fixed line-up.
Since 2007 it counts with constant support from Brunno dos Santos (guitars). Besides them, the project is often supported by Cledson Bauhaus or Ruti Monteiro in live performances.
Days are Nights' first album is "Sounds of the End", released in September 2006. The second one, "Eu te vejo dormir enquanto o tempo nos mata" ("I see you asleep while time kills us") was released in March 2008, both by 80's Records, a label owned by the band's vocalist and leader Dennis 80's.
Days are Nights' first record is named Sounds of the End and it was released in September 2006. It's a dark album, but it contains positive and spirituous messages. It includes songs in Portuguese and in English, also presenting a track sung in German. The disc had a good repercussion in Brazil and even abroad. Sounds of the End reached Europe through websites' reviews, fanzines and specialized magazines.
In March 2008 Days are Nights' second work was released, now with more tracks in Portuguese. Actually, the album's title is in Portuguese: "Eu te vejo dormir enquanto o tempo nos mata" ("I see you asleep while time kills us"). This is an album about intense feelings, either good, bad or despisable. This intensity can be noticed during the album's 15 tracks.

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